FAQs: Accreditation

Q: How do I choose a DBT supervisor in order to complete 20 hours of supervision required for the accreditation application?

When choosing a DBT supervisor who will be acknowledged by the SfDBT accreditation process you will want to find some one who is either already accredited as a DBT therapist by SfDBT or you have evidence they have met the below criteria:

  1. Completed DBT training equivalent of 80 hours of face to face training in DBT from a trainer who has met the criteria for accreditation; the curriculum for the 80 hours must cover the theory and practice described in the Linehan manuals.
  2. Has undertaken 450 hours of DBT study which includes 225 hours of DBT clinical time.
  3. Has undertaken mindfulness training outside of DBT.
  4. Has provided all functions and modes of DBT relevant to your treatment setting for a minimum of 2 years.
  5. Has provided both 1:1 DBT for 2 years/ or 4 clients and taught all four modules of DBT skills training at least twice.
  6. Has attended DBT consult weekly for two years.
  7. Has received a minimum of two days of supervision training in a CBT model

Please note that if your supervisor is working privately, we recommend that your supervisor has relevant professional insurance.

Q: Is it required that my team leader who signs my application for accreditation is an SfDBT Accredited therapist?

No, it is not required that your team leader is accredited. The form that the team leader is asked to sign requires that they provide some information about their own training.

Q. If I am the DBT Team leader, who do I get to sign the form?

If there is an accredited DBT therapist in your team you would ask them. Otherwise you can ask a DBT therapist  to sign your form who has:

  •  been regularly attending your consult 
  •  knows you well enough to accurately sign for the items they are attesting to 

Q: Do I have to pay for the entire accreditation application at once?

No, it is possible to pay for each part of the application as you submit it.  Thus you can pay for the accreditation application  in three instalments.  Payments are to made by BACs with you name as the reference.

Q: What happens if part of my application is not deemed up to standard?

You will receive feedback from the reviewers and an opportunity to resubmit that piece of the application within a specified time-frame.  If  it is your sessions that are deemed non-adherence there may be an additional fee incurred for review of additional tapes.

Once you receive feedback on your application, you may resubmit one time at no extra cost (case formulations and chains) and if it is still deemed not up to standard, you will need to start the application process over again.

Q: What are the steps for Programme Accreditation?

There is no specific guidance on Programme Accreditation at present .  However, the Linehan Board of Accreditation is working on criteria now, which will hopefully be ready by the end of 2016.  Once this guidance is released the SfDBT will adopt or modify that criteria based on the needs of the UK and Irish DBT communities.

Preliminarily, we know that accredited programmes must have:

  • team leaders that are accredited DBT Therapists
  • provide all functions and modes of DBT

Guidance on team accreditation for adaptions of DBT will come later.

It is advisable that teams considering applying for accreditation start gathering evidence about their service’s provision of all function and modes and of team member’s attendance at consultation team meetings.

Q: What are the requirements for reaccreditation?

1)  Attending consult regularly, you will be required to submit a log of attendance

2) Complete two days of DBT training each year (e.g. SfDBT annual conference plus an additional training day)

3) Completed 10 hours a year of reading on DBT, you will be required to submit a log

4) You will be required to submit tapes for review