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Society for Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Welcome to the Society for Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, the only DBT society in the UK and Ireland endorsed by treatment creator, Marsha Linehan, our President Emeritus.

The date for the annual conference is set, Thursday 11 December, 2014, at London South Bank University, and the keynote address will be given by Dr Kelly Koerner PhD.

Registration for the conference will close tomorrow 9/12/2014.You can sign up for the conference here: http?://groupspaces?.?com/SocietyforDBT/item/650128

The conference day will provide an opportunity to work on your application to become an accredited DBT therapist. You need not wait for the conference though, you can make a start or even submit you application by going the accreditation process page

The October meeting of the BOA led to some exciting changes in the accreditation process. The cost for the application has changed. It now costs £195 for a standard application and £75 for an application as a Subject Matter Expert. It is now possible for someone to apply as a Subject Matter Expert if they have 5 years of experience and if their DBT sessions have been rated on the University of Washington DBT Rating Scale as consistently adherent.

The BOA also discussed that the USA DBT accreditation process involves a written exam. There was a decision to postpone implementing the exam in the UK and Ireland for the time being.

Finally, in recognition of the demanding nature of the accreditation process, the BOA has instituted an intention to apply for accrediation registration process. If you email your intention to register for accrediation to, you will be linked to a member of the BOA who will be able to support you through the application process.

Please join our online community and participate in our forum discussions, including the popular 'metaphor share'. Click on 'recent forum posts' to the right of this message.

If you are a patient or relative looking for a DBT therapist then please visit our information/FAQ pages for advice on how to find one. We are currently unable to make individual recommendations or give clinical advice.

Best wishes,

Christine Dunkley

Chair SfDBT

December 2014


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